Guidelines to Homebuyers for submission of claim issued by RP Chandra Prakash and his team

(Note: Only for submission of claims by Homebuyers whose claim is not appearing in list of creditors dated 23rd February 2021)

I. Homebuyers shall have to file claim in Form CA as prescribed by IBBI

II. Document which shall be annexed along with Form CA to enable the RP to verify and substantiate the claim shall be

III. Upon annexing the documents, each document to be named as below: -

S. No Document File Name Example
1 Form CA Form CA_Unit No_Tower No_Customer ID Form CA_02_32_GP9999
2 Clear copy of signed Builder Buyer Agreement along with addendum signed subsequently, if any BBA_Unit No_Tower No_Customer ID BBA_02_32_GP9999
3 Allotment letter AL_Unit No_Tower No_Customer ID AL_02_32_GP9999
4 Statement of Account SoA_Unit No_Tower No_Customer ID SoA_02_32_GP9999
5 Payment proofs/receipts acknowledged by Seller (Orris or 3C) PR_Unit No_Tower No_Customer ID PR_02_32_GP9999
6 Bank statement of homebuyers highlighting the payment to Seller BS_Unit No_Tower No_Customer ID BS_02_32_GP9999
7 PAN/Aadhaar Card of the homebuyer(s) PAN/Aadhar_Name_Unit No_Tower No_Customer ID PAN_Rishabh_02_32_GP9999
8 Computation of claim with calculation of interest and penalty, if claimed CC_Unit No_Tower No_Customer ID CC_02_32_GP9999


IV. All the above mentioned eight documents are to be zipped into one folder and folder to be named as Claim_Unit No_Tower No._Customer ID (Example: “”)

V. Folder size to not exceed 25MB

VI. The zip folder shall be sent to email ID only

VII. Upon submission of the claim, a google form with details of claim shall have to be filled by the homebuyer for digitisation of claim data and enabling the verification in a timely manner.

VIII. For clarifications on google form, email can be sent to

IX. Upon submission of claim and google form, you shall receive an email within 24 hours acknowledging the receipt of your claim

X. This acknowledgment email shall not be considered as admission or rejection of claim

XI. List of creditors shall be updated every Thursday on

XII. RP team may reach out individually to homebuyers through email of phone number for any clarifications, if necessary