Project Updates for the months of March 2018


Garden Top view

Guard Room

Shopping 1

Shopping Shop

T15 & 16 Back Side view

T-15 front

T-15 Near

T-16 back side

T-17 Back side

T-18 & 19 Road

T18 & 21 Between

T-18 back side (2)

T-18 back side

T-18 Front

T-18 Side (2)

T-18 Side view

T-18 side

T-19 2

T-19 Back

T-19 Badmintion court

T-19 Boundary Wall

T-19 DG Area

T-19 Front 1

T-19 Front 3

T-19 Near Ramp

T-19 Side

T-20 back side

T-20 Back

T-20 Road

T-20 Side Road

T-20 Water body

T-21 back side

T-21 Boundary Wall

T-21 Front

T-21 Road

T-21 Side Road